Work hard and play harder with the FXD WP4 Stretch Ankle Cuffed Work Pants

Work hard and play harder with the FXD WP4 Stretch Ankle Cuffed Work Pants

The largest workwear wholesaler Thread and Ink is all set to provide the customers with the most innovative Thread and Ink Workwear. The FXD WP4 Stretch Ankle Cuffed Work Pants are popularly known for their functionality along with the innovative designs. Thread and Ink Australia provides the customers with the products that are full of multiple characteristics. Whether it’s the design, functionality or the systematic approach followed in the making of the product, everything is available with the leading online retailer Thread and Ink.

The FXD WP4 Stretch Ankle Cuffed Work Pants came to origin when the art and science were blended together to create something unique. The product can be used anywhere in the corporate workplaces and can be worn by the sales managers, workers, businessmen, or any other corporate individuals. The design and the functionality of the product is the special feature that makes it distinct from the normal work pants. As per the reviews of the customers, the FXD WP4 Stretch Ankle Cuffed Work Pants are very comfy and easy to wear and can be used in any type of corporate environment.

You can easily find the product on Australia's number one online work wear store Thread and Ink or you can purchase it on Thread and Ink Cessnock.  The product is available in both the stores. Once the customers use the product they will come to know that it has raised the bars of standard in the workplaces for the workers. The FXD WP4 Stretch Ankle Cuffed Work Pants were designed to fill in the gap between the workwear market for the tradesmen that needed shirts, shorts and the pants that were functional yet designer. This product is dominating the streets of Australia for the last 25 years.

The pants are built technically and made for the people who work in the construction sites or the mines or the heavy duty work environments. The product is a regular fit that is made of 280gsm Pre-Shrunk 100% Cotton that will perfectly fit out without comprising with the freedom of movements.

Also, the FXD WP4 Stretch Ankle Cuffed Work Pants have pockets and heels that are Duratech Reinforced and ensures durability. Some of its characteristics include Stretch Back Yoke, Knee Panels and Stress Point Bar-Tacks that multiply the durability and the functionality of the product. Also, the Multiple Utility Pockets with Double Layer Internal Pocket Bags will aid the customers in carrying more handy tools and other equipment while working.

The product has been made with the help of the Triple Needle Stitching technology and YKK Nylon Zip Fly to increase the durability of the products. The Thread and Ink Website is here at your juncture to provide you with the technical, functional and designer products that can be used as streetwear or workwear by the people. The best use of the product is in the heavy-duty work environment where there are more challenges related to the freedom of movements.

You all deserve the exceptional customer service, so no need to opt for something ordinary when the extraordinary is here at your doorsteps with the help of Thread and Ink Online.

The customers can visit the official website i.e. in order to buy this product or check out some of the other products that are available for free shipping. The best part is that the customers can avail the services of Bulk purchases from Thread and Ink as well. Isn’t it amazing? So, what are you waiting for, get ready to buy all of them.

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