FXD SK5 Crew Bamboo Work Socks Black 2pkt

FXD SK5 Crew Bamboo Work Socks Black 2pkt

Function by design is a subsidiary brand of the world famous globe and it is designed to best suit the needs and preferences of the customers. The FXD SK5 Crew Bamboo Work Socks Black 2pkt is provided by the leading retailer Thread and Ink for the workers who work for long duration’s whole day. The FXD SK5 Crew Bamboo Work Socks Black 2pkt exceeds the present fashion and are also functional yet designer.

It is a two pack set made up of natural bamboo. It is an anti-odor, antibacterial, super soft and comfortable. It is an extra thick soft boot sock for the workers.

Anyone can wear this sock for comfort. As per the customer reviews on Thread and Ink website, it has been seen that the customers find it super soft and they never had to buy any other socks except these ones as they are comfortable, cozy and itch-free. There will no sweaty feet or smelly feet or itching.

 Bamboo is the fiber that has been used in the production of the FXD SK5 Crew Bamboo Work Socks Black 2pkt. Thread and Ink online retails the largest variety of products related to workwear for the tradies, craftsmen and hard workers.

The designs by FXD has been made to provide the workers with the best workwear apparels keeping in mind all the types of workers including carpenters, manufacturers, and tradesmen. Thread and Ink website provides high-quality workwear for the customers that is suitable for every type of environment. The men and women both can wear and purchase these apparels as these consist of the practical features and are made of amazing designs.

The bamboo socks can be used in the corporate wear as well as the hospitality and safety wear. The product at Thread and Ink website is sold to the customers for their benefits and it provides a large range of the high quality materials as per the job profession.

It is the best for the workers who climb ladders on daily basis or work on large equipments. The socks will keep them away from sweat and itching. The largest wholesaler of the workwear products, Thread and Ink online, sells the top-notch quality products to the organizations who want something unique for their workers.

Get cozy and comfortable with FXD SK5 Crew Bamboo Work Socks Black 2pkt and purchase them now from the Thread and Ink website!!
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