Birkenstock Workboots Logo

Birkenstock Workboots Logo

Birkenstock Footwear have grown over many generations with extensive knowledge in the area of foot health and creating comfortable, proven high quality shoes. 

Birkenstock keep the high quality in their footwear by only using the highest of quality materials. The materials used to create Birkenstock Footwear are natural such as cork, latex, jute, leather, wool feat, copper and brass. 

Using materials such as the above implements that the shoe will be lightweight and flexible while maintaining its comfort levels. 

There are also other positive aspects of the company that account for the brand's quality, continuously enhanced technology and a sophisticated recycling system all actively work together to maintain the environment for future generations.

Thread and Ink Workwear support the use of recycled natural products which is why as a suppliers of Birkenstock we are committed to improving the environmental performance and are signatories to the Australian Packaging Covenant.

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