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Mongrel workboots Logo

"Now There's  A Mongrel That Fits What You Do"

Mongrel Boots believes not one boot style is suitable for the wide range of industry's and work situations. Which is why Mongrel Boots have created multiple ranges to find that special work boot that suits you. 

Which ever range suits you, be assured that all Mongrel Boots are made with the latest technology and individual features to meet and exceed the needs while also benefiting you as the wearer. 

Mongrels unique AirZone Comfort System is a highly effective feature of the sole design and features in all SP Series ranges. The system uses air trapped in the cavity of the heel to significantly reduce the degenerative effects of heel strike. The shock absorber effect of AirZone increases comfort – which is a safety feature for workers as it reduces tiredness. 

Thread and Ink Workwear recommended Mongrel Work Boots, for a super comfy and durable work boot

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