Screen Printing Pricing and Information


Screen Printing is an ink technique used to print images onto garments, very popular with printing on shirts. The process of Screen Printing imbeds the ink into the garment instead of it sitting on top of the fabric. Thread and Ink will ONLY Screen Print on garments supplied by us and NOT on garments supplied by the customer. We supply Screen Printing to Newcastle, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Canberra, Perth and many other cities. The turnaround time for Screenprinting is 10-14 days.


Set-up Fee

Set-up Fee is included in the pricing of the Screen Printing.


Screen Printing Pricing

Artwork charges may apply if you cannot provide artwork that meets these requirements or if we need to make significant or recreate your artwork as we require specific file formats, either PDF, EPS, AI and 200 minimum DPI.

  • Minimum amount of garments for Screen Printing is 10 garments
  • Pricing starts from $10.00 per garment for very small orders
  • Pricing can be as low as $1.50 per garment for very large orders
  • Quotes are given to get the correct price for an image
  • Pricing will change depending how big or small and how many colours are used for an image in Screen Printing
  • There is a price difference between light images and dark images