Business Professionals

Are you looking for hard-wearing, durable, and easy-care fabric clothes for work? Thread and Ink has your back. We have high-quality workwear made from high-quality materials, that make you feel comfortable in every move and fit your body just right.

Thread and Ink has an extensive selection of corporate attire only from the best brands. We have a range of workwear options for both men and women. We have a collection of suits jackets, trousers and crisp white shirts for men, which is always great to be paired with silk ties. For ladies, we have suits jackets, trousers, skirts and dresses. You have more freedom to choose the clothes to wear based on colour, fit, and office occasion.

The flexibility and breathability of your workwear allows you to focus more on your work. With the right fabric and sewing patterns, you'll find that what you're wearing can stretch, twist, and bend right along with your body. Choose different styles and colours to match your individuality.

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