Redback, an Australian Original

Redback, an Australian Original

Redback Boots® got their brand name from the Australian Redback Spider also known as Latrodectus Hasseltii. Redback Spider belongs to the elite class of arachnids. Known to be notoriously dangerous predator, highly equipt with high potent venom that can kill their prey in just one fatal bite. Redback Spiders are well forge by nature giving them high survival rate among the spider species.

Like the Redback Spider, Redback Boots originated in Australia too. Redback Boots Company was founded and owned by Cloros family in Australia. Redback Boots specializes in lightweight work boots and became a supplier of the Australian Army.

In similarity with the Redback Spider, Redback Boots company is one of the elite boots manufacturer in Australia. They have most skilled and experienced craftsmen in Australia. Their boots are 100% hand-stitched. It is their tradition that’s been a part of the Redback story for over 90 years.

Redback’s Bobcat Claret Oil Kip (USBOK) is a classic boots that’s been an Australian’s choice for decades. The Australian tough and smart characteristic is being demonstrate by how well the Bobcat boots are crafted. Despite of the classic looks of Bobcat, it has advance technology and design for durability, safety and comfort. It is a Derby-Cut elastic sided boot, having a thicker and thougher leather with anatomical fit and torsional heel support. It has steel toe caps but very lightweight that makes it more agile, comfort and safety. It has Shock Absorbing Midsole which will benifit not only your feet but your whole body too. Bobcat has anatomically-designed triple-layer midsoles help to stop sagging arches, prevent other foot strain, minimise fatigue and reduce leg and back pain.

This premium built boots will make your working life easier. We highly recommend Redback’s Bobcat Claret Oil Kip to my fellow workers who work so hard to achieve success. You can get it fast if you order here at Thread & Ink.

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