Doctors and Nurses

At Thread and Ink, we understand that medical personnel like you adhere to the highest standards of cleanliness and professionalism. You need to act and dress the part to add to an excellent patient care experience. Because of this, we came up with different choices for your workwear that reflect the caring and noble nature of the industry you belong to.

Health care workers in all settings come into regular contact with patients who have contagious and infectious diseases. If you’re one of them, you need to clearly understand the employer and individual responsibilities for uniforms and workwear. Because of this, Thread and Ink care workwear is made with infection compliant materials to give you peace of mind. With our wide selection of uniform solutions, you’re assured that your workwear will support your call of duty.

Thread and Ink Workwear's high-performing medical-grade scrubs will help you do more work with ease. It's lightweight and allows your body to breathe, leaving you feeling fresh all day. Aside from scrubs, we also have trousers and shoes to help you do your work safely and comfortably.

For a casual look, we have a short-sleeved collared shirts best paired with trousers. Browse through several designs of scrubs, mostly with V-neck cut for maximum comfort. Don't forget to check out our Superlite shoes with anti-slip soles for your safety.

Browse our wide selection of doctors and medical specialist attires and enjoy your best online shopping expeirence ever! We accept all major credit or debit cards, ZipPay and Afterpay. Our excellent 7-days return policy sweetens the deal. We ship anywhere in Australia for a flat rate of $10.00 only. Happy shopping!