Thread and Ink Online ASW HM1ATW Hard Hat Vented White

Thread and Ink Australia is meant to provide the customers with the popular workwear that is as per the existing preferences of the customers. ASW's Vented Hammerhead hard hat is one of the popular choices for the industrial workforce as it helps them in safeguarding from all the dangerous actions that have to be performed during the working hours.

The SW's Vented Hammerhead hard hat is one of the popular products that is the easiest choice for the workers who work in mines, industries, and factories.  It also has a 6 point harness that makes it easier to secure and release whenever it is in use. There is also a vented system that is on the top of the hard hat as it allows the airflow within the helmet itself and helps in the cooling down of the body. Thus, it is one of the best things about this hard hat and is helpful for the people who are wearing it. Thread and Ink Workwear is the best platform for the workers who wish to get safety products for themselves.

There are various benefits of the products that make it distinct from the other products available on other websites. It is one of the Type 1 Industrial with a 6 Point harness, Pin Lock harness included. Then there is also a Replacement harness available. The Push / Rachet lock harness is available as a replacement. It also includes an alignment pad and is available in both vented and non vented designs. The product is easily available on Thread and Ink Website and is a modern yet stylish product with a wide range of functionalities. There is a waved contoured brim that adds a feather to the brim helmet. Also, it has been certified as a type 1 protective helmet that features 10 ventilation holes together with the replaceable cotton bands that are easy to use. Then there is this wide brim that provides protection from sun and the rain and the dangerous work actions too.

The design has been engineered with the help of the elastic strap holders and allows the cap lamps to be attached to the helmet by hooking the straps into the place. Thread and Ink Online has been designed especially for the Australian workers and has kept Australian patent and design protection. This product is definitely the hot looking one for the workers and has an ergonomic design that won’t make you look like you are wearing a skid lid.

Australia's number one online workwear store Thread and Ink is all set to help you in the most appropriate manner. So, don’t just sit there and stare at the screen, scroll down through the products and get in touch with the best products for your workwear on


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