Thread and Ink Workwear Online product of the week Redback USBOK Steel Cap Slip on Elastic Side Boot

Thread and ink online provides the customers with the best products that can be easily worn in the workplaces. These elastic sided ankle safety boots are the ones that will keep you safe and comfortable easily.

 The steel toe cap is something very extraordinary that will safeguard you from all the disasters that might harm your foot in the first place. It is an all leather 3 piece upper boot with the full length of a foot bed and an arch supporting the featured three layers. These boots are one of the highest selling elastic sided safety steel toe boots provided by Redback on the thread and ink website for the ease and convenience of the customers.

The TPU sole of these boots is lubricant and fuel resistant. The Urethane air cellular midsole of the boot improve the shock absorption leads to the unique cradle towards the foot that reduces the sagging of the feet in the best possible manner.

These boots are recommended by the leading Podiatrists. These boots are used in a specific workplace use to provide safety, comfort and protection for the feet from entry of any of the foreign matter during the specified periods of time during the heavy industrial environments. The boots also enhance the shock absorbency and the slip resistance matters for the feet. They also encourage normal foot functioning including the maintaining of the forefoot, flexibility and the fore to hind foot and the heel stability.

Thread and ink Australia is one of the best workwear website that can provide you with the workwear products that can help you in the best possible manner. With thread and ink online, you are not going to face any hassle.

Grab your favorite pieces on thread and ink online. Till then stay tuned


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