Put an end to weariness with the help of Mongrel 261020 Lace Zip Side Black Safety Boots

Thread and Ink Website is popular for designing products that meet up the customers’ expectation and functions according to their needs and preferences. Mongrel 261020 lace zip side black safety boots have been designed in order to meet the needs and preferences of the tradesmen who work in mines. Their daily hard work and turmoil are put an end to with the help of the product which is available at Australia's number one online workwear store Thread and Ink.

The boots are easy to slip on and off as per the need and provides greater ankle support mainly for the workers who work in the mines and the worksites. The product range has been redesigned with the help of new styles as per the demands of the specific industries like construction. Apart from the leading online retailer Thread and Ink, the product can be purchased from Thread and Ink Cessnock & Thread and Ink NSW.

There are various features present like the ZipSider styles, OrthoTec PU innersole, TPU/PU ToughSider Sole, Airzone comfort system, OrthoTec PU innersole, Steel toe cap and Fully lined padded tongue and color. Visit the official website to purchase the products right now. As per the reviews of the customers, it has been found out that the mongrel boots are apt for the tough work environment such as mines and they are also not too hot for the summer. They are easy to wear and comfortable too. This is one of the fascinating Thread and Ink Workwear that is innovative in fashion, formation, and functionality.

They are made from the premium Australian leather and are ideal for the mining and the construction workers. The boots were designed with the help of the latest work boot technology that promises to deliver an outstanding boot to the customers which are strong, durable and protects the feet, legs and lower back from fatigue and pain. Basically, these are the safety boots that have been designed for the customers to safeguard them during various processes in the factory or the industry.

Thread and Ink Online provides the customers with the mongrel boots that have been developed after years of hard work to meet up the customer specifications as well as the expectations.

The Mongrels Roller Sole technology has been used to engineer the product that has resulted in the specially shaped sole that creates a roller action for the customers while walking. The roller action maximizes the comfort of the wearer and makes it safe for the customer by reducing the fatigue. It also includes a revolutionary thermoplastic polyurethane sole that has been engineered to provide a better grip, flexibility, and comfort while wearing. The mongrel boots act as a resistant rather than the regular polyurethane. They have a longer shelf life. The soles of the mongrel boots have been designed to create a perfect balance of lightness and durability to meet the needs and the expectations of the workers. It also has a high resistant steel toe cap that exceeds the Australian standards and it becomes one of the major reasons that will help you to perfectly guard your feet.



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