Thread and Ink Online JB's Wear Ladies Layer Vest 3JLV1

Looking for something comfortable yet elegant? Then, this platform is the right one for you. Buckle up your belts to try out the new JB's Wear Ladies Layer Vest 3JLV1 which is made of 94% polyester and 6% elastane. The elastane material is used in order to increase the stretchability of the product so that it becomes flexible for anyone who wears it.

The JB's Wear Ladies Layer Vest 3JLV1 consists of 290gsm two-layer bonded soft shell and is an urban fit for the ladies who want to wear it to their workplaces. It is a four-way stretch fabric in order to maintain the movements and the postures of any kind while working. Thread and ink workwear provides a wide variety of clothes, garments, footwear, and accessories to the customers in order to make them feel flexible and tension free about their work environment.

The JB's Wear Ladies Layer Vest 3JLV1 has the microfleece lining and has two zip-up pockets and an internal mo for the ease and convenience of the one who wears it. It can be used by the ladies in the hospitals, medical care, restaurants, and so on.  There are various other products available that are related to this one such as JB’s wear ladies full zip polar jacket, JB’s wear adults polar fleece vest, JB’s adults and kids full zip polar jacket, and JB’s adults and kids full zip polar jacket. The JB's Wear Ladies Layer Vest 3JLV1 is available in black, charcoal and navy colors.

  It is available in all the sizes from 6 to 24. So, the ladies do not have to worry about the sizes as all the sizes are almost available in this product. When it comes to better quality apparel, garments, footwear, accessories and other workwear products, nobody can do it better than, Thread and Ink online. The best part is that the customers can find anything on the thread and ink website from clothes to the accessories for the workers of their organization. You will find everywhere, whether its function, design or functionality.

As per the customer reviews, it is noted that the JB's Wear Ladies Layer Vest 3JLV1 looks smart and stylish on the ladies and they feel easy to wear it anywhere and anytime in the office hours. The comfort, design, functionality, and style is something worth spending money on. You can place the order at Thread and Ink Cessnock if you are located nearby and you don’t want to go with virtual shopping.

If you do not have this product and you are looking for something distinct that can help you female work employees, then the JB's Wear Ladies Layer Vest 3JLV1 is something you should try out. Hurry up!! Grab your favorite pieces on Australia's number one online workwear store Thread and Ink. Visit the official website now,


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