Thread and Ink Online JB's Wear Adults 1/2 Zip Polar Jumper 3PH

The JB's Wear Adults 1/2 Zip Polar Jumper 3PH is one of the most durable products which is 100% Polyester for durability. It is made up of 290gsm low pill polar fleece with the two side pockets. Then there is also an adjustable elastic hem with the toggle which makes it more attractive among the customers.

The best thing about it is that the product is warm and comfortable and will make you feel the best with a better visibility and safety on your side. This will make you very comfortable while you work, the high collar with the zip pocket is there to protect your neck and the multifunctional pockets will allow you to use more than enough space for your equipments to carry around the work place. The product is available in various colors like black, bottle, and maroon, navy, red and royal. The product is also available in various sizes like S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL & 5XL.

There are various other related products that are available on the leading Australian work wear, wholesaler and retailer website, such as JB;s Wear Ladies Full Zip Polar Jacket 3FJ1, JB;s Adults Kids Full Zip Polar Jacket 3FJ, and JB’s Wear Ladies Polar Fleece Vest 3LV and so on.

The product is 100% durable and contains 290gsm low pill polar fleece with two front welt pockets. It is a technical garment that the customers can plan to wear easily during the walks, or any of the rigorous activities or during the autumn season or even during the winter seasons.

It also has a textured material that generates spaces between the skin and the garments that helps in circulation of air easily and also evacuates the sweat. Thread and ink workwear is the leading online retailer that provides the customers with the best variety of products available in various colors and sizes.


The JB's Wear Adults 1/2 Zip Polar Jumper 3PH will definitely take you to the next level. Thread and Ink is here to provide you with this commendable product.

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