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The FXD WP3 Stretch Work Pants is the product that has been designed as per the needs and preferences of the customers and the design as well as the functionality is kept in mind while distributing it to the customers. FXD basically stands for function by design and it is a subsidiary brand of the world famous globe.

The shirts, shorts, pants, etc are designed for the tradesmen and different types of workers keeping in mind the design as well as the functionality of the garments. The products provided by Thread and Ink Workwear has not only provided comfort but has also exceeded today’s fashion trends. Thread and Ink Website provides these goods to the customers in order to help them in the best possible manner. With Thread and Ink Online, you will be provided with the best designs and functionalities for the workwear products.

There are various benefits of the FXD WP3 Stretch Work Pants i.e. fx01616001 - regular fit, 8.8 oz / 295 gsm formatik fabric, 360 degree garment stretch, reversed peach twill, Dura 500 reinforced stress points, flipped back yoke / knee panel stretch, double layer internal pocket bag, dual back welt pockets, ykk zip full fly, triple needle stitching & dura500 attachment loop.

As per the customer reviews, it has been found out that FXD products have helped the team of workers look smart and keeps them neat and clean all the time. It also helps them look professional and the guys feel like wearing the pants every day. There are no complaints from the customers about this product. The workers, contractors, tradesmen, manufacturers, and other men can wear the FXD WP3 Stretch Work Pants at various types of work environments whether they are tough or easy. The pants are comfortable and easy to wear.

These pants are available in various colors like Black, navy and khaki. There are various sizes available in this product such as – 36, 28, 30, 32, 38 & 40. Thread and Ink Australia accepts the returns for the products that are faulty or the items that don’t fit correctly when purchased online.

The leading online retailer Thread and Ink provide various other products like FXD WP4 stretch ankle cuffed work pants, ritemap 2 tones open front L/S 3M Tape, Milton men's closed front flannelette shirt, Milton men's full placket flannelette shirt and so on. Australia's number one online workwear store Thread and Ink provides the customers with the largest varieties of workwear products. So, grab your piece now.


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