FXD WP1 Work Pant

Thread and Ink workwear has always focused on providing the customers with a wide variety designs in shirts, shorts, pants, trousers, skirts, blouses and so on.

FXD is known for its functionality along with the designs that are comfortable yet stylish. The fashion standards are met as per the needs and preferences of the customers. The FXD WP1 Work Pant is a regular fit with 280gsm Pre-Shrunk 100% Cotton and it has reinforced pockets with the stretch back yoke and knee panels.

The duratech reinforced heels are double layer with the internal pocket bags where the workers can keep their instruments and equipments. The work pants can be used by the workers such as carpenters, painters and various types of workers who are into some mechanical work. Everyone can use this functional yet stylish outfit which has multiple utility pockets with the knee pad pockets and the YKK nylon zip fly. There are stress point bar tacks as well and the triple needle stiching has been done to protect the equipments and make the product comfortable for the customers.

Thread and ink online provide the work pants to the customers for their well being and comfort so that they can work peacefully in their workplaces without any hassle. The customers find this product very useful as they think that the whole team looks smart and it keeps them neat and professional.

The guys can wear the pants everyday and they never complain about it. This is what has been heard from the users of the work pants. There are numerous work related products available for the customers such as stretch ankle cuffed work pants, ritemap tone open front tape, Milton mens closed front flannelette shirt, and so on. Thread and Ink website is the hub of the workwear products that are available to the customers at affordable prices. It is available in black, khaki and navy colors. Starting from size 36- 42, the workers can go for any size. It does not catch any dirt or grease and has their surface cleaned with its dual functionality and outstanding features.

Grab the best piece of FXD WP1 Work Pants right now in your favorite colors!!! Till then stay tuned.


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