Thread and Ink Online Cobra Clear Lens Safety Glasses 12SCC

If you want the Wholesale pricing from Thread and Ink, then you are totally on the right station as Thread and Ink Workwear is one of the leading online retailers which provide the facility of Bulk purchases as well. ASW 12SCC, Cobra clear lens safety glasses are lightweight and also have the feature of medium impact resistant as they meet the Australian standards. These cobra clear lenses are a great all-around safety glasses for the indoor use for the customers. The customers who work in the tough working environment such as sunshine, rainfall, and hard weather can use this product.

There are various other products that are provided by Thread and Ink that is Australia's number one online workwear store. The Cobra Clear Lens Safety Glasses 12SCC provides the customers with the all-around safety for every use. The organizations can get in touch with the largest workwear wholesaler for the best usage. The workers can use it for all day wearing as well. The safety glasses are distortion free and can provide UV protection even better than the clear lens.

 The workers who work in the mining industries or the manufacturing industries will happily use this product as they have to strain their eyes in the tough work environment. Even the carpenters and the electricians term it as the best product for the workplace.

There are various advantages of the product such as it is lightweight, great wrap around design, Medium Impact, Available with anti-fog lens and so on. It can be put on with ease and comfort efficiently. As per the customer reviews, it has been found out that it is the top pick protection from the heat and the harmful UV rays that are comfortable to wear around all day during the duty hours of the workers. It is made up of the polycarbonate lens material and there is a single piece frame design for the product.

If you want to save the eyes of your employees or the workers from the heat and the strain, then you should definitely go for this product. Hurry now!! Limited stock available! Visit the official website for the purchases.


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