Does your business operate in the low visibility areas with the employees using the potentially dangerous types of equipment? If the answer to this question is yes, then you are surely on the right page.

With thread and ink workwear, you can assure your employees that they will be provided with the high visibility tradewear that is essential for maintaining the safety in the workplace. The High-Vis S/S Polyface / Cotton Back Polo is a Pique Knit Short Sleeve Safety Polo for the day use only for the workers who want to be safe while performing dangerous functions.

The product is made of 190Gsm Polyester Outer Face With 100% Natural Cotton Backing. The best part about BOCINI SP0538 HI-VIS POLYFACE is that is made up of breathable material with the sun protection and antibacterial treatment. Thread and ink website provides this apparel that is made up of cotton and polyester with the effective combination of the reflective taping and the fluorescent colors.

 Whenever the natural sunlight or the artificial sunlight, let’s say the car headlights shine on this material, there is a glowing effect that increases the visibility in the dull and the low lighting conditions. Most of the items available at the leading online retailer Thread and Ink are used for dual purposes i.e. they can be worn at night as well as day.

These materials ensure visibility in the daylight hours and during the night as well, the reflective material is used as they directly bounce the light back to the source ensuring that the person can see quickly and clearly.  The best part is that it is best for quality and price.

The product can be used by the workers who are exposed to the working conditions like the industries exposed to the moving traffic, high-risk pieces of equipment that require visibility and carrying the large instruments during the working hours. Not only this, it is important in a workplace where there are more leisure and sporting activities for the visual safety and other identification benefits. In this way, Australia’s number one leading wholesaler and retailer, Thread and Ink provides the customers with the best products at affordable rates.

Get ready to give an identity to your workers with the BOCINI SP0538 HI-VIS POLYFACE that is available for bulk purchases as well on Thread and Ink website. Till then stay tuned


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