Blundstone 500 Elastic Sided Stout Brown

The 500Elastic sided stout brown Blundstone footwear is one of the most selling footwear around the globe. It has been shipped to over fifty countries across five continents. Blundstone is one of the most popular brands as it provides a wide range of classics and lifestyle footwear that reflects the brands with the unique, comfort and the classic styling. The best thing is that they offer underfoot comfort and the quality leather uppers.

The customers can buy the blundstone footwear on Thread and Ink online. The leading Australian workwear brand provides the Blundstone 500 Elastic Sided stout brown leather shoes that are elastic sided and consists of Polyurethane Midsole/thermo urethan outsole highly resistant to hyrolsis and microbial attack. The fully removable shaped comfort footbed is also one of the major comforts of this product for the customers. The PORON XRD is also available in the heel strike zone for the increased shock protection. It also has a steel shark for the maximum torsional stability.

Thread and ink provides these products which are lightweight and durable. As per the customer reviews, Blundstone 500 is a great boot for work as well as play as the toes remain soft and they are super comfy to wear. The Blundstone is an icon for the footwear industry. It is a classic boot that goes with every step of the customer whether you are trekking in any country or any part of the world. Thread and Ink Website is popular for designing products that meet up the customers’ expectation and functions according to their needs and preferences. The blundstone boots are available from sizes 2-12.

Thread and Ink online is one of the best platforms for the customers as it takes the customer’s comfort to the next level. On thread and Ink website, you will get a wide range of products that are excellent in comfort and also has convenient prices.

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