Thread and Ink Online Biz Collection F233MN Mens Plain Micro Fleece Vest

It’s time to say goodbye to the uncomfortable fleece vests and put on the Biz Collection F233MN Mens Plain Micro Fleece Vest.

If you select this workwear outfit for your workers from Thread and ink online, then your workers are definitely going to love you. The Biz Collection F233MN Mens Plain Micro Fleece Vest is available in black, forest and navy colors. There are various sizes like SXL, XS, S, M, L, 2XL, 3XL & 5XL available for the workers under this product category.

The organization must know why it is the best for their employees or the workers. The Biz Collection F233MN Men’s Plain Micro Fleece Vest is the best because it has a matching full length front zipper with the two front zippered side pockets.

It is made up of 100% polyester with a low pill micro fleece that contains 285 GSM. Thread and Ink website offers price match guarantees to the customers. With Thread and Ink online, you will be able to find a cheaper price on any of the suitable work wear uniforms, accessories and you can find more on the Thread and Ink website.

The website makes the products available to the general public as well. the plain micro fleece vest is professional and also comfortable and cozy to.    

 The vest is for the males who want to look professional and yet want to be comfortable in their attire. It can be used in the professional work environments by the workers.

The best part is that the companies can purchase it for their employees at affordable prices because at thread and ink workwear, the customers will get the best possible deals and prices.  Thread and ink website focus on providing the customers with the wide variety of products that are essential for the work wear. There are various other products like 5 pack Bisley BV0360 Mens softshell vest, 5 pack Bisley taped hi-vis vest, soft shell vest, and trinity vests that are available for the customers.


Find out the best color and match for yourself on Thread and ink online and get ready to look handsome at your workplace!! Till then stay tuned


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