Thread and Ink Online Bamboo Textiles Knee High Socks

It’s time to say goodbye to the smelly and uncomfortable socks, as the Bamboo Textiles Knee High Socks is here at your doorsteps. This antibacterial socks will keep you odor free and make you feel fresh. There are high sweat absorbent materials that are designed to pull the moisture from the skin for evaporation known as moisture wicking and keeps the feet dry and sweat free.

It is powerfully insulating and keeps the customers cooler in summer and warmer in the winters. Thread and Ink workwear provides these Bamboo Textiles Knee High Socks to the customers that are made up of one of the softest fabrics on the planet that you are surely going to adore. The natural UV protectant is also inside the product that protects the skin from skin cancer.

The customers would be delighted to know that the hypoallergenic stuff used in the making of the Bamboo Textiles Knee High Socks does not cause any allergic reactions to the skin. Bamboo is the most eco-friendly fabric on the planet. The product is available in various colors like black, olive, burnt red, chocolate, green and navy blue.

The sizes available range from 6-10 & 8-11. The bamboo fibers are regenerated cellulose fibers that are used from the mature bamboo timber. The technology used to produce it is around 100 years old and is only used for the bamboo products in the countries like Japan and China. The Bamboo textiles first developed such kinds of socks in the year 2006 and since then these products have been proved successful by the customers.

The customers like these products as they have seen that the socks remain odor free and they can go without washing it for a week. The workers who have to work for long durations in the same condition use these types of socks at their workplaces.

So, keep yourself neat and say no to smelly feet!! Scroll through the leading retailer website of Thread and Ink workwear and make yourself comfortable at the most affordable prices.


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