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Washing up socks daily has been a tradition that has been going on since an era as people think it is the right thing to do or it is a sign of discipline and domestication. However, with this product which consists of the natural anti-bacterial properties of bamboo fiber, people realized that there has to be a new trend to be followed i.e. one can stay up without washing the socks for a week!! Isn’t it ridiculously amazing? The best part is that they still smell fresh and are comfy. It consists of 92% bamboo and 8% elastane.

Whether its men or women or kids, the product is best suited for everyone. Now, it’s time to set up new trends with thin innovative natural Bamboo Textiles Bamboo Extra Thick Work Socks. You can even go out for trekking or some adventure and fun out in the woods with these socks on.

Functional, stylish and vibrant, the Bamboo Textiles Bamboo Extra Thick Work Socks can save you from frequent washes and the skin irritations and other problems that might occur due to the chemical additives present in the other products that you might wear. So save yourself from all the hassle, and order the Bamboo Textiles Bamboo Extra Thick Work Socks from thread and ink. Believe it; you’re not going to regret your decision. ;)

Being a natural product, Bamboo has various characteristics that make it relatively distinct from the other natural products. The best part is that it is a natural bacteria inhibitor, absorbent, breathable, and grows naturally without any requirement of insecticides or serious pollutants.

Bamboo was found in Asia, millions of years ago and it was observed that it was rarely attacked by the viruses, bacteria or the insects that made the Japanese conceive an idea of using it with the textiles. In this way, Bamboo Textiles Bamboo Extra Thick Work Socks came into existence.


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