Thread and Ink Online Bamboo Textiles Dress Socks

The bamboo textile dress sock is an antibacterial socks that keeps you odor free and makes you feel fresh and full of fragrance. The best part is that there will be no smelly things ever with this kind of product. It is highly sweat absorbent and will always keep you dry and pulls away all the moisture from the skin for evaporation. The moisture wicking feature is the one that will keep you dry. The best part about this product is that it is powerfully insulating and will keep you warm in winters and cool in summers.

This antibacterial socks will keep you odor free and make you feel fresh. There are high sweat absorbent materials that are designed to pull the moisture from the skin for evaporation known as moisture wicking and keeps the feet dry and sweat free. It is powerfully insulating and keeps the customers cooler in summer and warmer in the winters.

The natural UV protectant is also inside the product that protects the skin from skin cancer. The scientists have found out that the unique anti-bacterial and the bacteriostatic bioagent of bamboo are the natural and the most effective to combat the odor that creates bacteria. Various scientific tests have proven that the bamboo fiber is up to four times more absorbent than cotton and also helps in absorbing moisture and improving the ventilation.

 The foot stays fresh even if the feet work for about 18 hours a day. The diabetic patients have claimed that there are severe health problems with their feet and over many years the patients have tried all sorts of socks and this is the best bamboo soft socks that have provides lasting softness and great absorbency that is added to the loose fitting top that assists with the circulation and keeps the feet away from all the diseases. There are various colors that are available in this product like black, bone, choc, dove, navy, slate and walnut. It is available in various sizes like 10-14, 4-6 and 6-10.

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